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OPC Celebrates 10 years!

OPC 10 años

OPC celebrates its tenth anniversary with two extraordinary exhibitions: “First was the raicilla: art and culture of agave and its distillates” and “Those from the Other Coast: the raicillero world.”

As part of its tenth anniversary, the Cultural Projects Office (OPC) has the honor of presenting the exhibitions Primero fue la raicilla. Art and culture of agave and its distillates and Ana Topoleanu. Those from the other coast: the raicillero world, two projects that bring together contemporary art, the traditions around agave and its distillates, as well as critical reflection on the cultural phenomena associated with its production. First was the raicilla, curated by the Mexican artist Rubén Ortiz Torres.

Likewise, like every May, OPC dedicates the theme of its exhibitions to Puerto Vallarta, proposing content that invites reflection on the growth of the city, its traditions and its history. On this occasion, said tribute is presented with the record of the production of the raicilla on the coast.

OPC 10th Anniversary

Opening: May 23, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

OPC, 598 Juárez, esq. with Aldama, Center

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