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Sponsors & Partners

There are many people to thank over the last 10 years, but special mention must be made to the Barlow Family for their incredible generosity in lending the use of the extraordinary buildings and gardens that OPC calls home; we would also like to acknowledge the generosity of William Hobi, for his ongoing donations supporting various exhibitions.


OPC would not have been possible without the support of our friends and family: Rita Cain, Sandra Perez, Michele Perez, Terence Reilly and David Schwendeman, Martha and David Haynes, Brian Cloyd and Agnes Kempker-Cloyd, David Muck and Cole Martelli, Dean and Leslie Regehr, Joe Smoke, Jason Kinn, Cathy Kinn, Catherine Oppio, Mary Koruga, Tony Hewes and Gary Greene, John Schmaelzle, Tom and Vicky Mason, David Allen Burns, Austin Young, Marty Rogo, Tom Bernes, Mary Beth O’Connor, Rob Boyd and Kevin Wu, William Makley, Philip Rodriguez, Carmen Megia Muñoz, Lisa Brackmann, Jonmarc Ross, Jonathan Poe, Ireri Topete, Lupita Basulto, Paola Cortés and Marco Antonio Cortés.

Louis Venosta, Javier M. Rodriguez, Jayce Salloum and James D. Brown, Marc Harrington, Linda Ellerbee and Rolfe Tessem, Jacinto Wardwell, Cecilia Padrón Quijano, Ireri Topete, Trina Johnson, Yesika Felix, Edmund Fladung, Víctor Rodríguez, Kristi Frederick, Valerie Hoffman, Lisa Fredsti, Good Luck Gallery, The Nopal Press, Arturo Montero, Davis Birks, Ana Olivera, Angel Delgado, Valeria Moeller, Rainie Cole, Phyllis Gordon, Adam Kampe, William Hevener, Josef Kandoll Weplo, Martin Pelletier and, Jason Chan.

OPC has benefited from the support of PAC 2015 and 2017, Proyecta Production 2016 and Fundación JUMEX Arte Contemporáneo 2017.

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